Tuesday, June 12, 2007

welcome to behold! the theatre of comets

welcome to behold! the theatre of comets. it's a blog. i named it after an old manuscript i heard about via boingboing, who heard about it via biblioddyssey.

the manuscript is just called 'the theatre of comets'. i added the behold! bit. i am customising the name to express my individuality. think of the behold! as the mag wheels and spoilers on the muscle car that is my blog.

i wanted to have a place to put the stories i write. i think i also want a place to think, especially about stuff i find online. i do a bunch of my thinking online.

you know, whenever i start something creative and new i go through a bunch of questions about boundaries. you know, what to include and what not. i'm not so much talking about personal information, just that, well, my mind goes in all kinds of directions.

part of me likes focus. this is why the album i'm making will probably include my romantic guitar songs and probably no electronic music or gag tracks or musique concrete, even though i do all that stuff too.

and on the other hand, i like stuff that shows a wide-ranging interest in the world. the best example i can think of like this just now is those novelists i call the 'everything novelists': those folks who seem to want to talk about everything, and who use a novel as an excuse to do so. i'm thinking of salman rushdie, herman melville, tom robbins; i'm sure there are many others.

i think.. i think for now i'll try putting everything in and see how i like it. maybe i'll just tinker with it til i'm happy with it and only tell folks about it then.


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