Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear forces that collided that I might have another day on this weird living earth

Life is short, so I'm quite pleased to have woken up. Dear forces that collided that I might have another day on this weird living earth: thanks guys! You're the best.

It's also a fine thing, and I'm grateful for it, to be able to walk and talk and see and hear and feel and think. I generally take these things for granted until one of them is impaired by illness or such, but they're fine fine things and I'm damn pleased to have them. Colours! Sounds! Fuck yeah.

Opposable thumbs: you guys rule. Thanks for everything. Say hi to the rest of the fingers for me, too.

I am pleased there is music, especially that first Velvet Underground record: it's like a spiderweb glistening with dew, that thing. I am pleased music evolved into language, too. I know language makes things confusing sometimes, but I'm still glad it's there rather than not, and everything it makes possible. Same goes for consciousness.

And the same goes too for humans. It's easy to focus on what we're not doing that we could, because we're capable of so much. But one day I was sitting in the mall looking at seagulls: how funny they are, how much nuance and complexity there is in their funny ways and social behaviours. And then somehow without meaning to I looked up and saw the humans around me in the same way. Dudes: we are fucking hilarious. Have a look at some humans one time if you don't believe me and you'll know it's true. We are weird miraculous things and even if we never get our shit together I am glad we exist. X


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