Friday, February 14, 2014

Manipulative People With Clipboards

So I helped run a stall at the Sustainable Living Festival today. Part of my duties involved handing out fliers. The hitch was that I felt like One Of Those Manipulative People With Clipboards who say, "Hi! Do you care about animals?" and I am averse to those people and will even go around the block to avoid talking to them. Also maybe I felt that way because people were trying to avoid talking to me: ouch. Reader: I needed a new thing.

I looked for something to say that was true but exercised no moral pressure, so as not to be One Of Those People. I decided to go with, "Would you like some brightly-coloured paper? It is very brightly coloured." Reader: it worked a treat. People are apparently suckers for brightly-coloured paper when you put it plain and simple like that, and if you think about it why would anyone not be? It is very brightly coloured, after all.


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